Appreciate your self

All of us are unique. No one in the world is exactly same as what we are now. We all have strength and weakness. All we have to do is to use our strength and strengthen our weaknesses. Also we have to appreciate our self. We can see some good things in others but we cannot see that in ourself. Sometimes we think that I hope I could have the same face like others same job as others, same clothes as others, same talent as others. Sometimes we think that way that we forgot to appreciate all the good things that we have. Like the sunset, we can just appreciate its beauty during the end of the day. We cannot see it during daytime or night time. But when it appears it was so beautiful. Remember that even the sun can appreciate its own beauty by looking itself in its own reflection. Sunsets are the proof that endings can also be beautiful. Just appreciate, love and respect yourself and you will have a happy life.