When I was in University, globalisation is one of the terms that exists in most of my study.
In general, it presents a rather negative image as a problematic reason for causing different consequence and end of culture and business.

I agreed on the those studies in general.

However, what I perceived today about design of variable fields brought back similar feeling about globalisation.
This image speaks everything.

When business and culture are manipulated by corporates which are too big to fall, decision   of financing to what kind of fork being used in restaurant, are being decided according to the highly intelligent algorithm. Considering what is safe to move and following the latest trend are the most important element in making business decision.

Architecture design of this image shows what is the trend of today. If I tell that image below  is a Starbucks you won’t be surprised because this is a general accepted image as a modern restaurant or cafe.

Rather as globalisation between countries, we can find the same effect on design and corporate business decision.
No one would dare to propose a design like in past NOT only because the design is outdated but that is not catching the trend of today or you can say it is not catching the money.

Homogeneity of design is the result of “Globalisation” between business.

So, where is the joy?