How to get the discount?

When we do shopping, we look for the best production with a big discount.
Getting a discount product always give people a feeling that they got a good deal or stealing from someone else.
This mind set is plant into everyone of us.

Value of a product usually being labelled on a price tag.
We value most of the things through this simplified methodology.
Of course it is easy to say “We know there are priceless things  like love, friendship or family.”
However, when we come to reality and ask, so how do you prove the value of these priceless things in your life?
It is not easy like getting exact amount of money from you wallet or giving out your credit card.
You might say “Spending more time on them” but how much?

When I was younger, I stood in temples with a camera.
Saw things around with my own eyes and felt the air with my mind and time.
I found out that I have already forgotten when was the last time I could do that.
Which is also unknown to me about how much did this cost me to do it again.
Was it the price of the flight or accommodation?
Was it the day off we took from our work?
Even we have done what we could to put ourselves into the exact space and time, does it mean we could enjoy that moment like when we were young?