Simple, minor but have it all.

Talking about the price of a house, we usually focus on several things:
Location, size, year of built.

However, when someone told me a house costs higher because of the beautiful garden, I doubt how much it can affect the worth price of it.
It is not easy for me to understand until I witness the real thing.
We are not even talking about some fancy high standard gardening but only minimal garden.
Feeling of the green surrounding environment gave me a first significant impression even before the first step into the house.
I already love it.

Going along with the trend around the world, having fancy furniture, a good instagram photo inside of a house are probably some of the most wanted things for the young generation.
Everything has to be done immediately and being showed to the world immediately.
Nevertheless, gardening itself takes time and effort.
It might take you weeks to months or even years to craft the best final looking of your imagined picture.
Your backyard might not be very attractive to everyone but it could be the best matching vibe to your own sense.
Does it change the price of your house maybe yes maybe not.
Does it change the value of your house to yourself? Absolutely.

Let’s see what are we going to do with the gardening.