The Heart of Banana

We have a saying in tagalog “Sa lahat ng prutas, saging lang ang may puso” (”すべての果物の中でバナナだけが心を持っています”)

Last week we got a banana’s heart from our friend. Because I really like this food I cooked it with a coconut milk. This dish is very easy to prepare. You just need onion, garlic, salt, black pepper, pork, coconut milk, vinegar and green chili(for aroma). First you have to sauté the pork meat which is cut into small pieces. If the pork is golden brown in color put the onion and garlic and after 2 minutes put the chopped banana’s heart and sauté it around 3 minutes. After that pour the coconut milk and let it boil for 20~30 minutes and put some salt and black pepper. After 20 minutes pour a little bit of vinegar and put the green chili and turn off the pot. That’s it!