We were told the next time will be 12 years after.

A week ago I read the news about the moon eclipse but I wasn’t aware about that until it was so soon until it showed up at night.
It seem like everyone came out to take a look for a while no matter they are busy on something or not.

To me, I found out when things are told that they only show up in a 10 years or 100 years or 1000 years, everyone got excited.
Nevertheless, no one ever said that tomorrow only comes once in eternity. The reason for that, perhaps it is because that would be the same to aski people to treasure something they have it everyday.

In result, probably no one cares.

If you think deeply, the next minute or tomorrow you are going to experience in your life, only happened once in 10 millions years and more.
Have you ever thought of how precious that specific time could be?
Time doesn’t come back, so does thing you love, person you love.