First meeting1

  • Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.
    Show photos of our works completed and explain about our architecture/design.
  • Ask about clients’ requests for their house, their land and feeling about architecture.
    Possible to have a first meeting even if clients do not decide/find their land.
  • Clients would be asked to write their signatures on “the request form for planning”.
    Note: “the request form for planning”
    “The request form for planning” specifies that we charge our clients the planning fee in case that the design contract is not achieved. When client(s) agree on the design contract with us, the planning fee is to be applied to/included into the design/supervision fee.
    The planning fee as described below
    Residential: 50,000 JPY
    Others (commercial/apartment building): 100,000 JPY and more (the fee to be determined depending on volume and use of a building)


  • Plan and design a building based on the requests/information provided by clients. We provide drawings, a model and other materials to explain our design.
  • Revise our design while we hold several meetings with clients.
    The number of times for meetings and the planning period differs depending on the volume, use, and contents of buildings.
  • When the rough design is determined, clients make a design contract with us.

Detailed Design3

  • With developing the detailed drawings, we continuously hold meetings with clients.
  • While providing the structural calculation, and the drawings for structure, electricity, water supply and drainage system, we prepare the drawings which construction contractors use for their quotation/cost estimate.
  • Request the quotation/cost estimate to the construction contractors.


  • Adjust construction costs.
    Adjust the construction costs to achieve the targeted cost with taking various aspects of costs into consideration.
  • Revise the drawings and request the re-estimate.
    In case of any change in the structure of the building, the extra-cost would be added.

Building Certification Application5

  • Submit the building certification application to the government.
    The period until obtaining the approval from the government differs according to the volume/use of the building.
  • Receive the approval by the government.

Construction Contract6

  • Clients and construction contractors make the agreement for construction work.
  • Prepare for the start of construction including the ceremony of sanctifying a building site.


  • Verify the construction works at site whether the construction works are conducted in accordance with the drawings.
    From the standpoint of the architect, technically supervise and instruct the construction contractors at respective phases of the construction.
  • Verify the progress of the construction and finishing materials.


  • The government performs the Inspection for Completion of Construction. Confirm the construction works with the clients and construction contractors.


  • Perform the after-sales services.

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