Interior Design

Nothing is better than arriving at home.
And take a rest while sitting down on the sofa.
Interior design goes beyond beauty and aesthetics that reflects
on our usual and everyday life.

We, in CLAIR archi lab, work harmoniously to produce
homes in which the space is functional.

House with Panoramic Ocean View
architecture / interior / exterior
architecture / interior / exterior
House with Terraced Courtyard
architecture / interior / exterior
House with photographic Studio
architecture / interior / exterior
Two Family House in Chibana
architecture / interior / exterior
Customized Kitchen Design
Instead ofchoosing kitchen design,
why not createyour own kitchen design that fits into the space in the house.
We, in CLAIR archi lab, customize kitchen designbased on
our vision according to the client's needs.
Interior Design Consultation
We, in CLAIR archi lab, also providethe interior design servicesfor the buildings
which was designed and built by other companies.
Please feel free to contact us.

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