Takeshi Hatakeyama

To our customers and my colleagues,
Wishing you all the best in your life and everyday living.
“To live in the house” is likely “to live for one’s life”.

It takes only few moments to build a house or buildings,
however people will live for many decades on that house or
When I design a house, I bear in mind the image of the house in
which the people will stay
and live there with joy.
The house I designed deliberately moisturizes the mind and
body of the people who live in
and improves their quality of life.

I always consider the connection and relationship between the
house / building and thesurrounding nature.
On a sunny day, a beautiful sun rays and shadows cast inside the
On a rainy day, a cozy sound of rain can be heard inside the
The positive effects of nature and the spaces harmonized with
nature are incorporated into the house,
which I believe a tip to improve people’s sense of well-being and
quality of life.

To enjoy the meal,
To sleep,
To encounter new things and to meet new people,
To bond together,
To wear favorite clothes,
To have a dialogue with family members or just think things
through by yourself.
With our enthusiasm for architecture, to create the place where
every aspect of life occurs
with people who live there.
That was the greatest achievement and happiness for an

畠山 武史 Takeshi Hatakeyama

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