Le Chien Shuri Ona (Apartment building at Shuri)

Naha-city, 2018

The site is located in Shuri, Naha city which is the political and economic center of Okinawa. Shuri area always played an important role since Ryukyu Dynasty where client’s family have lived in this community since. In this project, we decided to rebuild the client’s family house where many generations have lived in. Considering the current status and trends in Okinawa, the client requested us to design the complex building including the residential level and rentable units. The area of the lot is 934.33 square meters. The building is consists of parking space located in the basement and 1st floor, apartment rooms at 2nd floor to 5th floor, and the owner’s house at 6th floor. During planning stage, the first consideration to designer is the facade of the building which is facing the major road which has heavy traffic. For reduction of oppressive feeling, we setback the building as far as possible from the road. The design of the facade includes the low eave and the exposed concrete finishing with cedar patterns which create visual effect to reduce the volume and height of the building. Regarding the interior design, two types of major layouts and multiple styles of interior design are implemented on every floor. Through these varied interior designs, tenants can have wide diversity of choices which also increase the number of potential tenant for this architecture. Owner’s house is located on sixth floor and the interior design is modern style. The cedar pattern exposed concrete finish which is the same finish on the facade. This makes a visual effect on the hallway in this apartment. In addition, numerous wooden materials, finishes including louvers and herringbone are natural pattern which could express the feeling nature The elevated Japanese-style room is connecting living and dining area, where the whole family can spend time together. The ceiling materials in the tatami room are reused from the demolished house which were used on the floor. This materials remains the memory of their old house.

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