BOSCO Yomitan Resort Condominium


BOSCO Yomitan Resort Condominium is a type of accommodation building located in Yomitan Village, central part of Okinawa, Japan, whereas many ruins of Okinawa still remains. The architect’s concept is “Refresh, Energy and Fresh”. The first consideration of the design is the ocean view, since the project site is located on the hill and has a good view of the ocean. Even though the lot is located on the hill, the ocean view cannot be seen from the natural ground of the site because of buildings on its neighboring property. With this condition the architect use a stilt design leaving the lower part as a parking space for the user and the upper part is for the 5 guest rooms. Using stilt design the ocean can easily see from upper part of the building. The physical configuration of the building is horizontally oriented shape which blends to the horizon of the ocean. The different pattern of the exposed concrete added variety to the building and with the use of stilt design the building appears to be floating. The garden around the building gives excitement to the guest and while they are walking upstairs and became breathless when they see the ocean view from the rooms. Each room has the large open space from which the panoramic ocean view can be seen. The guests can observe the islands on the ocean, the ocean waves, and the beautiful sunset. In Okinawa where tourist business development progresses rapidly, the condominium is the place where the tourists can make an extended stay, and spend and use their time as they like.

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