Irabujima, 2019

D’s GROW Resort is a resort type accommodation villa located in Irabu Island within the vicinity of Miyako Island, Okinawa, Japan designed by CLAIR arch lab Co.,Ltd. The site is 50 minutes travel by airplane from mainland of Okinawa, and 3 hours travel by airplane from Tokyo, Japan. Before, Irabu Island is abundant in fish products and main activities were fishing. Today, this island became a tourist spots for those who wants to relax on the beaches and some water activities like scuba diving. Last 2015 Irabu Island was connected to Miyako Island by the bridge and in 2019 they built their own airport which makes the Island more attractive to the tourists. The project owner whose from mainland of Japan and has a lifelong dream of having a resort business became attracted to Irabu Island. He invest a land property located near Toguchi No Hama Beach which is popular for having good ocean view. The owner wants to build a villa with swimming pools and can be used by four to six guests each room. The first thing that the architect considered is the unobstructed view of ocean from every room. In line with this the architect use a wide glass wall in front of the villa giving the user a good view of the ocean. Second, the architect put an infinity type pool so that it will look like the water is flowing from the pool directly to the ocean. The site is abundant in natural landscapes, many plants and greeneries are existing. With that the architect minimize the use of land so that the natural beauty of the site will remain. The architect uses the exposed concrete finish which gives the building an earth color effect. By using this type of finishes the building will not obstruct the beauty of natural landscape on the site. The designer believes that this design will be more attractive from tourist coming from other country because this type of design is unique and not that common in other countries in the world.

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