House with Photographic Studio

Miyakojima, 2016

The house with photographic studio is located in Miyako Island of Okinawa which is about 50 minute-flight from the mainland of Okinawa.

The site is located near the urban area where old residential houses still remain.  The site faces to the road on the north side and the park on the south.  On the west side, the Irabu Island can be overlooked on the second floor of the building.

On this site, we designed the residential house with “the photographic studio” where husband works. 

Regarding the site, the level of the site is different from those of the connecting roads.  We arranged the building on the flat area of the site in order to cost the construction for the exterior and site preparation as little as possible.  Due to the reason, we should design the building compactly on the site.

Concerning the arrangement of the spaces, the studio space and master bedroom are arranged on the first floor.  Living/dining/kitchen space, water area including bathroom and lavatory, and other rooms are located on the second floor.  We designed that the shape of the building would be a simple rectangle. 

We cantilevered a part of the second floor so as to ensure the extra space on the second floor with reducing the cost of the foundation of the building.  The screen concrete wall molded with cedar boards is provided on the side of the frontal road, which realizes the well-balanced exterior. 

Regarding the design of interior spaces, in order to visually enlarge the internal spaces as much as possible, the entrance hall and the studio space are separated by the transparent glass, which blurs the lines between the entrance hall and the studio.  We designed the entrance hall and the corridor including the staircase as if these were a part of the studio.

Through the skylights implemented on the roof, natural sunlight falls down to the entrance hall and the studio through slits of the staircase, which realizes the bright space.  We designed the natural sunlight through the skylights would provide the continuity from the second floor to the first floor.

In addition, the green scenery of the park located on the south of the building would be seen in the studio on first floor and living/dining/kitchen space on second floor.  We designed to form these spaces where people feel comfortable and nature by the borrowed scenery of the park.  

When designing the building including the workplace and residence, it is important for an architect to consider/decide a proper distance between the workplace and residence, and an architect should design such spaces deliberately.  Regarding this house, we consider that the workplace maintains an appropriate distance from the residence.  Meanwhile, “work” and “home” coexist with creating a sense of unity in this building.

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