House with Terraced Courtyard

Okinawa-city, 2018

House with terraced courtyard is a minimalist residential building located in the central part of Okinawa, Japan designed by CLAIR archi lab Co.,Ltd. The project site is situated in a developed area where many commercial buildings including franchised supermarkets, franchised food chain and restaurants have been built. As the area becomes more convenient place, the number of residential and apartment buildings are increasing. The client wants to have a house with large living room with high ceiling, a terrace where they can have a barbecue, outside sink to be used for fishing, combined dining and kitchen area and exposed concrete finish on both interior and exterior of the house. The shape of the lot is rectangle along the road with a pay parking lot beside it. Considering the noise coming from the street and pay parking lot which may be converted into a building in the future, the architect proposed a house design with a terraced courtyard. Enclosing the terrace through a courtyard can lessen the noise from outside and the user can also have a privacy. The courtyard is designed in consideration of natural lighting and ventilation. The breeze can enter the house through the opening above and below the courtyard. Through the white colored wall, the natural light can reflect from the wall to the living room which gives enough lighting inside the house during daytime. Multilevel floor is used to give consideration in the combine kitchen counter and dining table. The counter is made of concrete with plaster finished called mortex. The urban development in Okinawa is truly increasing. On this project the architect creates an Okinawan-style terraced courtyard in which natural lighting and ventilation are considered.

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